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2010-10-18 03:45:03 by IzakFlashMan

So I posted up my infographic "10 Step Guide to Nerdism" yesterday. I was quite surprised when I learnt it won daily fifth. Since it's not really a game, and it's not really a movie. it's sort of one of those inbetween things that may be difficult to box. Heck, it wasn't even made to be very fun.
Judging from the reviews though, the content seemed to resound with a bunch of people.

I should make a few concessions while I'm here though, a disclaimer if you will.
First of all, I made this with the intention of no one outside my own class at uni ever seeing it. So I was quite liberal with a few choices. Such as gaming: If your a newby gamer, I probably wouldn't recommend orange box to you. It's true that its a gem of gaming, and if I were to show people that gaming had true story telling capabilities, and groundbreaking ideas, I would show them the orange box.
If I were trying to get my ambisinistrous girlfriend to play a game for the first time though, I probably wouldn't make her play portal. It would blow her fragile little mind into a million pieces.

Unfortunatly I can't think of any simple PC/XBox games I would recommend. So oh well. Looks like this post will just end now, lacking any proper closure or ending.
Really this is just an excuse to say, Holy shit, I got daily 5th for my piece of shit uni project. Thanks everyone.


Me and my associate, Jolze (He doesn't have an ng account so don't bother) are currently making a platform game based around graffiti. Level design is taking ages since I want to make it as large as possible, while jolze is working on Physics (Or AI, I should probably check.)

I will mostly be using local graff artists from auckland. But I'm also looking for tags, bombs, throw ups, made in flash, that I can insert directly into the world of the game without any hassle. If you want to submit pieces to add to the game feel free to email me at

Please, don't use premade fonts, and make the entire thing packaged in a single graphic or movie clip.

P.s. The game won't be coming out any time soon, since we want to make our first game brilliant, and not completely half assed. And were both caught up with Uni at the moment.
Oh yea, and if any scripters out there know an easy way to make slopes work properly give me a buzz (Jolze has figured out a difficult way to make slopes work with the character, but it would be nice if we could make any sort of gradient and the character won't fall through them if he jumps.)

the influx of drunk santas

2008-12-24 05:26:17 by IzakFlashMan

This is a phenominon we have all witnessed with this years batch of christmas oriented animations, I don't know whether its always been like this, but either way, why? People have latched onto this idea of drunk/bad santas (Reminds me of the movie) and will not cease till all originality in the idea has been thoroughly beaten out of it. I guess these days it can be easy to connect christmas with A: Santa and B: Drunken merry making.
people started to notice when Adam Phillips animation hit the front page(judging from the reviews.)
and the same goes for peixeaquatico's "jesus party" At least he gets credit for leaving out santa this time round. Another observation of this toon. It seems as though there were as many if not more people "Going oh my goodness this is gonna offend so many people its gonna be awesome." than people who actually went "That really Effed me off!" I was gonna do a proper study of all the reviews, but I got bored. So I stopped.
I found this article in a online magazine called . To me it felt like all the twisted dreams of newgrounds come to life on our city streets. (don't be afraid, its not a wall of text article)
All this leaves me wondering, what will the next curve be? Will people come up with something new next christmas or will it be a rehash of drunken hilarity.

its 11:22pm christmas eve. I'll be waiting for santa, he better be an effing ninja and not a drunken freak because I like my sleep these days.

the influx of drunk santas

Bigger message?

2008-11-27 21:47:57 by IzakFlashMan

Wouldn't it be cool to have a flash which really pointed out everything wrong with music and the flash subculture. I know that goes from broad to very specific subjects, but the two have been bumping around in my mind lately. Do other people notice the trend in the type of humour used on this site? Excluding all the penis stuff, which seems drawn to this place, I swear everyones a closet gay. But anyway, everything everyone turns out seems to be aimed at violence and black humour(Generalization again.) I mean, don't get me wrong, chucks new tux made me laugh and laugh, But sometimes I think we should really get over it and actually make a message worth hearing. And not just repeating everything that your told. I'm sure everyones unique, with that said, we should all have a unique message. At the moment I'm seeing the same trash reworded and spat out into the portal every day.
Maybe its time to break the mold. Forget video games for a day or two, and really find something worth flashing about. We have got this awesome medium to distribute our messages with, and yet we squander it on cheap thrills.

Lets stop being destructive and instead bomb people with something worth hearing.

Bigger message?


2008-07-30 06:23:49 by IzakFlashMan

"Newby in Oblivion" Got daily fourth. My first award. Im rather pleased. Considering I made it in a day. Many of the reviews were more like people recounting stories of their experiences with oblivion. I think a lot of them will make for a great resource in the making of a second possible oblivion toon. Ill keep the current character and probably add a buddy. A night elf probably. So that way my newby doesnt have to talk to himself the whole time. They will probably run into each other as the night elf puts two naked dead people into "erotic" positions. Most of us have done that for a giggle at one point or another. But its still a little weird "What are you DOING!??" "Uh... Nothing...*jiggle jiggle.*

Oh yea, Ill probably add a joke about jelly like dead bodies. As soon as I get back from thailand. Its Efing meeeeaan. Brand new games are like 5 dollars each. I could probably get them cheaper if I got out of the mall and into the street markets though. So I might parody something Cooler at a later date.

Triangle Circle Square

2008-07-21 05:48:39 by IzakFlashMan

At the time of this posting my latest cartoon is going through the Gauntlet. If it comes out or not is entirely out of my hands. If it doesn't, oh well, if it does, yay, I might have a new series on my hands. TCS is basically a talk show between three geometric shapes. Their personalities are cliche and predictable. Maybe I can shake that up a bit, cause a little controversy. "What! You can't do that! You can't have a humourous cartoon with characters who have dynamic personalities!" Oh yes I can bitch, just you watch.
If anyone has any questions, situation, or senarios for my geometric little group feel free to post them in here. Ill credit you, and you all want to be in credits dont you? Yes you do! YES YOU DO.

Whats gonna go down

2008-06-07 06:24:44 by IzakFlashMan

Ulloha, Im Izak Flash Man (IFM for short).
I have been doing flash since MX2004. So wow, getting onto 5 years now. I have done a lot of horrible toons in my time, which wont be posted here. This site is laiden with enough crap as it is.

So what will be appearing. Planet One. A series all about robots. Yay. The style is very set. So movement is chunky and minimal. Also lip syncs are non existant. the idea was to pump out a lot of funny short cartoons which required little effort (Since I was sick and tired of half finishing FBF stuff). I'm only up to episode 3 thus far though. Since I'm slack, and I'm pretty much road tripping it around the country at the moment.
As soon as I have finished Ep3 Ill put it out. Then episode two. and POSSIBLY episode one. Because its pretty... random.. I'm releasing them backwards in what I like to call the George Lucas Approach. Where I release the better acted, more cult classicy movies first. Then later on release the crappy ones, of which the only selling point is CGI. And people will want to watch it anyway, because they're so hooked.
Screw you child Vader.

Whats gonna go down