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2010-10-18 03:45:03 by IzakFlashMan

So I posted up my infographic "10 Step Guide to Nerdism" yesterday. I was quite surprised when I learnt it won daily fifth. Since it's not really a game, and it's not really a movie. it's sort of one of those inbetween things that may be difficult to box. Heck, it wasn't even made to be very fun.
Judging from the reviews though, the content seemed to resound with a bunch of people.

I should make a few concessions while I'm here though, a disclaimer if you will.
First of all, I made this with the intention of no one outside my own class at uni ever seeing it. So I was quite liberal with a few choices. Such as gaming: If your a newby gamer, I probably wouldn't recommend orange box to you. It's true that its a gem of gaming, and if I were to show people that gaming had true story telling capabilities, and groundbreaking ideas, I would show them the orange box.
If I were trying to get my ambisinistrous girlfriend to play a game for the first time though, I probably wouldn't make her play portal. It would blow her fragile little mind into a million pieces.

Unfortunatly I can't think of any simple PC/XBox games I would recommend. So oh well. Looks like this post will just end now, lacking any proper closure or ending.
Really this is just an excuse to say, Holy shit, I got daily 5th for my piece of shit uni project. Thanks everyone.



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2010-10-21 04:54:16